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Hours: Dawn to dusk; Visitors Center opens at 9am

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My laptop (because I need it to work), my reusable foldable shopping bag (useful in so many scenarios and saver of gazillions of plastic bags), my collapsible water bottle (I haven’t bought a bottle of water in 15+ years), and my phone (which is also my camera).

Typical Greek Food Glossary A-Z

Near the Agora are the ruins of Hadrian’s Library, a prominent building commissioned by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 131 A.D. as part of a plan to revitalize Athens. At the time it was the largest library in the city and housed volumes of historical, academic, philosophical, and religious texts. The original structure had an open-air courtyard with a garden and pool surrounded by several reading rooms and lecture halls. It was destroyed in 267 A.D. Its surviving fragments were later incorporated into the city wall.

Typical Greek Food Glossary A-Z

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David’s Been Here is touring all the beautiful beaches in Costa Rica’s Puerto Viejo region. Here David presents a video to the stunning Playa Chiquita. With gorgeous beaches, sparkling clear waters and loads of activities available around the area, this spot is a great place for couples to come for some peace and quiet. Take a cooling swim, soak in the Costa Rican rays, or horseback ride along the water’s edge on this virgin beach of Puerto Viejo. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse.

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Some people may not have the best opinion about timeshares, but then if they weren’t worth it, the market wouldn’t be so saturated with people trying to buy or rent one. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a timeshare for your holidays.

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Continue on down the Commewijne River, Once you’ve seen the dolphins. If you book with Jenny Tours, you will finally turn down a side canal that strongly reminded me of photos I’d seen of this Kerala backwaters place in India. It’s interesting that was my idea, because down the canal is the Johanna en Margaretha plantation. An Indian family, who will serve you a stunning dinner currently owns the farm!

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Miami and Fort Lauderdale will also be huge departure and destination points for a myriad of cruises, also it is not surprising that this can be considered the railroad capital of the world. Cruises from Fort Lauderdale take from the glitz and glamour of South Florida, the tropical paradise of the Bahamas, along with the gorgeous serenity of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Any adventure setting off from this city is a great chance to explore a little further, and take in some of the best that South Florida has to offer.

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