Top Things to See and Do in Malang, Indonesia

Malang is region known for its national parks and neighboring Mount Bromo — among the premiere hiking destinations of the country, and the 2nd largest city in Indonesia’s East Java province. Best things to see and do in Malang contain visiting the city historic buildings, beaches, ancient temples, and hiking on Mount Bromo and the nearby Mount Penanjakan.

About Malang

Religious Buildings

Malang sits 90 km south of Surabaya, the capital and largest city of East Java (Jawa Timur). Surabaya the middle of commerce equal to Hong Kong’s economic value and was once the biggest city at the Dutch West Indies. Nearby Malang was a colony. The city is a favorite point for tourists heading to Mount Bromo or even Mount Seremu.

Top Things to See and Do in Malang

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The principal street in Malang is Ijen Boulevard, also a gorgeous shaded street lined with Dutch historic buildings and flowering trees.

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Visitors in Malang can see the old Dutch reform Church, Gereja Katerdral Jun, built by the Dutch in 1905 in Neo-Gothic Fashion.

Top Things to See and Do in Malang, Indonesia

Another spiritual building to test out is Candi Badut, an 8th century Shivaite temple. It includes it being complex surrounded by a garden and is the oldest temple in East Java.

Ten kilometers north of the city is the gorgeous Singhasari Temple dating back to the 13th century. It is a Hindu-Buddhist site built by the Singhasari, also a renowned Javanese medieval realm (1222–1292).

Top Things to See and Do in Malang, Indonesia

A visit to the nearby bathing pools in Ken Dedes is also a favorite stop. It is thought that Ken Dedes were once the bathing pools of the court of the Singhasari dynasty.

For tea lovers, the Kebun The Wonsosari property possibly just the thing to get out of the city and go through the verdant landscape and fresh air of this tranquil tea estate. Buy tea to return home with them, sample the goods and visitors will be able to know about the tea process to finish, then of course.

The shores close Malang (about a 2-hour driveway ) can also be a great way to relax. The most popular are the Balekambang shores, including Balekambang shore , Ngliyep shore, Goa Cina Beach and Sendang Biru shore. The waves here are rather powerful, so this isn’t the beach for swimming the water views are so amazing and there’s a small island to visit which is linked to the shore by a bridge.

Among the things to see and do in Malang is to go through the outside. At 2,320 yards and the region surrounding it is among the most popular hiking destinations in Indonesia mount Bromo stands. We love this article by Walk Fly Pinoy in their experience hiking Mount Bromo that is other-worldly, particularly their incredible photos of the smoking volcano and the Tengger Sand Sea.

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Top Things to See and Do in Malang, Indonesia

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