8 Places to Visit in Herzegovina

Herzegovina is the region of Herzegovina and Bosnia.

This country is awesome destinations which may meet even the most discerning of travellers and a place. There’s much to help keep you in this inland region, if you plan on researching Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Epic Roman ruins landscapes, Ottoman buildings, sacred sites, and world-class wines are simply.

8 Places to Visit in Herzegovina


Here are our top 8 places


Home to the iconic Stari Most (the Old Bridge), Mostar Is Still one of the most Scenic cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Old Ottoman -style houses, cobblestone streets, bazaars filled with resorts and memorabilia, bohemian cafés, and art make Mostar a more city. But do not let the crowds deceive you — Mostar proceeds to offer authentic Bosnian culture. The city takes, when the group tours depart every day. The undisputed top draw of the city is that the daily display of those sailors that leap Stari Most to the Neretva River’s water off below. These thrilling spectaclesaren’t free. You are going to have to pay up, if you want to observe a diver leap. These are. The ideal location to watch the anglers is in the cafe across the north side of the bridge.


The village of Blagaj is situated only 12 kilometers and can be reached by car or bus. Nonetheless, this is not your typical Balkan village. The main attraction here is that the amazing Tekija, also a wooden construction huddled to a niche carved from an imposing cliff, located on the Buna river’s waters. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking! Tekija was a Dervish monastery. Though still used for worship, people can visit the prayer rooms, washroom, kitchen and hammam (Turkish bath). It was built in the 1500s and has architectural components of the Victorian and Ottoman style. Since it is the Buna River’s birthplace blagaj is special. This Buna’s water bursts from a natural spring from the pond with significant force. To enjoy have a coffee in the restaurant across the Tekija Dervish complicated. WATCH VIDEO


If you’re passionate about ruins or you only wish to find more out regarding the early history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a visit to Mogorjelo, the website of a Roman villa rustica that was ancient is more than recommended. The ruins situated 5 kilometers south of Capljina are located off the Nertva branch, also date back to the 4th century. Lucky for visitors, the ruins type a portion of a restaurant and horse riding complicated called (you guessed it), Villa Rustica. The restaurant serves up neighborhood Herzegovina wines, such as its own house wine, and traditional dishes that are Bosnian. View our Top 60 Instagram Pics that Will Make You Wish to Visit Serbia and Bosnia Now.


Stolac is what some may call a playground for people enthusiastic about archaeology, anthropology and history. It’s situated in the area known as Herzegovina Humina and specialists say that it’s been inhabited for at least 15,000 years, the mark found in the Badanj Cave relationship from 12.000-16.000 BC. Stolac is also famous as being the birthplace of poets, artists and several intellectuals. Stolac is a great place. Three kilometers west of Stolac is an impressive ste?ak necropolis dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries — Radimlja. These ste?ak tombstones are filled with themes such as hunting scenes vines, and creatures , comprehensive portraits of the deceased, and epitaphs. Five of those Radimlja tombstones are believed to mark the graves of members of their Hrabren Miloradovi? family.


Po?itelj stands out among the most beautiful places to visit in Herzegovina. Po?itelj is the perfect place. The town has kept much of its architectural components that were Ottoman. It’s built so the further you go up the town. Stroll the picturesque streets, head up to the castle ruins (be careful here if you are traveling with young children since there are no hand rails), admire the old city walls, also have a Bosnian coffee in a few of the city’s several quant cafés. You may encounter vendors across the way selling homemade sweets and lunches. The minarets of the town’s most important mosque, the Hadži Alija Mosque, control the skyline just as it did at the 16th century as it was built. For these reasons, Po?itelj is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Since it is one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimage sites on the planet, medugorje has long been known among the places to visit in Herzegovina. It all began in 1981, when the Virgin Mary appeared to six local teens which played across the hills between the cities of Bijakovici and Medugorje. She continues to look to a number of them, whom are now adults. Through this town, over15 million believers have come since the 1980s to beg to the Virgin Mary. Visitors can visit the pilgrimage website and attend a mass. Wine enthusiasts are also attracted by medugorje with its many local wineries.

Trebinje is situated on the Adriatic Sea. It’s a little town famous for its wineries and Ottoman-era Arslanagi that is impressive? Bridge. Mehmed-Paša Sokolovi built in 1574 the bridge? And is one of the very beautiful Ottoman bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When in Trebinje do not pass up the chance to sample wine and delicious food in the Vukoje Cellar Restaurant that is unforgettable.

Those who love character and adventures walks will love a visit to Konjic, a scenic old town dominated by the presence of the Neretva River and Prenj Mountain. You look through the Old Town, the views are absolutely wonderful. The road is lined with souvenir stores and cafes, Konjic being renowned for its talented woodcarvers. A reconstructed in 2009, also must see attraction is that the city’s old Stone Bridge built in 1682, destroyed during the World War II.

WATCH EPISODE: The Old Stone Bridge of Konjic.

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