Barranquilla Carnaval Guest Post

This year, I had the adventure at Carnaval, rather than the one you’re likely considering. I attended the Carnaval party in South America- in Barranquilla, Colombia.

I had a weekend to fit but it had been enough to make me wish to go back and live it all again. We stayed at the centre of town and flew to Santa Marta, where we all had a beer on a rooftop terrace overlooking the city. I took it slow and proceeded to sleep 11, that night.

My buddies and I took a cab and then caught the bus to 21, the next morning. The price had been 12,000 pesos when generally it’s only 10,000, As it had been season. There have been some complaints against the other travelers about the raise in price.

A co-worker’s sister graciously bought us folding seats along the parade route to channel. We set ourselves up and around the parade that was 2pm began. The entertainment went on for the next four hours. Even throughout the heat and hoards of folks, we had a blast!

The best part about Carnaval is when the parade is finished, that the party vibe doesn’t die out. The city is electrical and everybody is on a mission to have fun. Just around the corner from the parade route has been a street party that is full-blown there. Who needs walls to dance the night away?

Barranquilla Carnaval Guest Post

People in Barranquilla surely don’t. There were people singing, cheering drinking and twirling to the music. Sleep? Who needs it? My favorite memory watched a beer battle. Throwing water and flower all the partygoers covered in white foam. Obviously I slept like a baby. Carnaval is a exhausting experience!

The next day (Sunday) my buddies and I went on Casa del Carnaval to pick up my press pass, which I used to evaluate an interview using a Colombian hip-hop team called Chocquibtown. They were also inspirational to say the least, and I would recommend their music. The band’s members are from the coastal Colombian town of Choco, and it will be known for its violence and poverty. Check out them CHOCQUIBTOWN

Barranquilla Carnaval Guest Post

And then I did the most”touristy” thing that I could think of- my friends and I went souvenir shopping. We had an seafood lunch before we headed into a different road parade. We danced and drank away the afternoon among the locals that were energetic Though this parade was lacking the big floats before. The atmosphere at Barranquilla during this period is contagious and addictive. Folks of all races and ages get together with one thing.

Barranquilla Carnaval Guest Post

Here Some Details about Carnaval in Barranquilla:

Duration: 4 times before Ash Wednesday

Significance: In November of 2003, UNESCO hailed it as among 28 different”masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity”.

The Carnaval of All Barranquilla is second only to the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1 US Dollar = approximately 1,836 Colombian Pesos.

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Barranquilla Carnaval Guest Post

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