VIDEO: Touring Toledo, Spain Restaurants: Fine Dining in Locum

David’s Been Here is Traveling Toledo’s Castilla La Mancha Town , in search of the best food and restaurants in the area.

Here David visits with Restaurant Locum, that in Latin translates into’the Place’. Follow along with David as thoughts indoors to check the air, customer support and food, visiting if this actually is where to be in Toledo. Open in 2003, Locum is situated in a beautiful 17th Century building with a open Arab design feel to the restaurant. Serving up delicious wines, entrĂ©es and dishes with impeccable customer service- David agrees that this is, in reality,’the area’ to consume at Toledo. Try any of their specialties and they are certain to be delicious. On visiting most of Toledo restaurants and Locum for more information, have a look at the David’s Been Here Guide into Castilla La Mancha available on the own Kindle as well.